USAID BHA Humanitarian Shelter and Settlements Fellowship 2022 (up to $19,000)

USAID BHA Humanitarian Shelter and Settlements Fellowship 2022 (up to $19,000)
USAID BHA Humanitarian Shelter and Settlements Fellowship 2022 (up to $19,000)

Cutoff time: February 18, 2022

Applications are open for the USAID/BHA Humanitarian Shelter and Settlements Fellowship 2022. USAID/BHA looks to inspire colleagues to expertly take part in the compassionate S&S area by supporting the proposition or expert report composing endeavors of three colleagues during 2022.

The US Agency for International Development Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (USAID/BHA) is the lead US government organizer for worldwide calamity help, and a main member in the worldwide philanthropic local area. USAID/BHA as of now looks to upgrade its authority endeavors, further develop its reaction programming in the compassionate Shelter and Settlements (S&S) area, increment the attention to the area in North America, and extend profession choices for those inspired by S&S area exercises.


  • USAID/BHA anticipates three awards of up to $19,000 each (made up of $10,000 for stipend and up to $9,000 for travel related expenses if necessary) to support graduate research.
  • Awards will support fellowship research for approximately ten months and cover basic expenses that might include travel, lodging and research-related costs (e.g., medical evacuation insurance, visas, vaccinations, etc.).
  • USAID/BHA, through HFHI, will provide basic administrative support for the graduate students. All fellowship activities must be undertaken expeditiously and completed by January 30, 2023.


  • Fellows will be graduate students currently enrolled full-time in accredited North American graduate school programs or US citizens studying abroad in similar graduate programs, in the following disciplines:
    • City, Urban, Environmental, or Regional Planning, and Architecture or Architectural engineering
    • Civil or Environmental Engineering or similar disciplines
  • Ideally, successful candidates would be first-year, Masters-level, graduate students, in the programs listed above, who are interested in commencing work on a thesis or professional report as a requirement for graduation.
  • The topic of this graduate student research would be focused on any of the following topics of interest:
    • Wider Impacts – Measuring the contribution of shelter and settlements assistance to wider humanitarian outcomes in conflict and disasters contexts, especially with regard to livelihoods, physical and mental health, social cohesion, gender and society, risk from hazards and access to basic services.
    • Long Term Recovery – Managing the transition of crisis affected households to longer term recovery in conflict and disasters contexts.
    • Housing, Land and Property (HLP) – Ways of navigating land and property rights, security of tenure, and administration issues to support households to secure their rights to use, occupy, own, rent, or transfer shelter in conflict and disasters contexts.
    • Space Standards – How to establish a more contextualized measures of shelter density in settlements in conflict and disasters contexts.
    • Self-Recovery – How can markets support shelter self-recovery in conflict and disasters contexts.
    • Cash and Markets – How households effectively use cash to secure and support their shelter and settlements in conflict and disasters contexts.
    • Measures to increase “coverage”: the level of assistance in response to identified humanitarian shelter and settlements needs, or to more effectively use resources.
    • Environment – Linking and incorporating climate change adaptation measures and hazard mitigation efforts into settlements planning to promote disaster risk reduction.


Candidates will submit a CV, a two-page statement of proposed work (including an executive summary), a reference from their thesis or professional report advisor, and a statement from the advisor confirming that the statement of proposed work will directly support the candidate’s thesis or professional report topic. A review committee representing HFHI, USAID/BHA and the InterAction Shelter & Settlements Working Group will be formed to identify successful candidates for this fellowship.

Attach the above-mentioned documents (pdf or MS Word) to with the subject line “SHELTER FELLOWSHIPS-LastName”. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Applications and supporting documents must be submitted by 5:00 PM EST, Friday, February 18, 2022. Applications from women and minority candidates are strongly encouraged.

Apply Here

For more details, visit USAID/BHA.



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