Fellowship Acumen Academy Gender Equity and Advancement Accelerator 2022

Acumen Academy Gender Equity and Advancement Accelerator 2022
Acumen Academy Gender Equity and Advancement Accelerator 2022

Cutoff time: February 9, 2022

Applications are open for the Acumen Academy Gender Equity and Advancement Accelerator fellowship 2022. They are looking for a companion of business visionaries who, similar to Acumen, trust that thinking about orientation value across systems, cycles, and everyday work further develops how we address the issues of neediness, remembering the unbalanced issues for individuals for destitution, and in this way amplifies sway.

Orientation consideration in business isn’t simply the moral thing to do – it’s additionally really great for the world’s economy and manageability. Furthermore, as opposed to adding an orientation value focal point subsequent to scaling, Acumen accepts it’s a lot simpler to fabricate a comprehensive organization by tending to and focusing on orientation from the beginning.

To help social business people focused on driving the adjustment of orientation value and progression, the new gas pedal will outfit pioneers with the ethical authority illustrations, business abilities, and learnings from Acumen’s portfolio organizations to unquestionably scale their undertakings and implant orientation comprehensive methodologies into their models.

Fellowship Program Details

The program incorporates:

  • Six Learning Labs close by your accomplice of business visionaries
  • Three one-on-one meeting calls with Acumen’s group
  • Video instructional exercises on client revelation, deals and promoting, monetary demonstrating, pitching, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg
  • Oblivious predisposition preparing, studios, and self-evaluation techniques for implanting orientation inclusivity into your scaling plan
  • Contextual analyses from social ventures that have effectively scaled and added to orientation value and progression

Fellowship Benefits

You will figure out how to

  • Refine and foster a productive and versatile plan of action
  • Implant and extend orientation value into your business through market, labor force, and worth chain section focuses
  • Foster hard-edged administration abilities -, for example, rehearsing mental fortitude, profound tuning in, and venturing outside the norm – that are vital for building better, comprehensive, and economical business arrangements
  • Hone your show abilities and work on pitching to a crowd of people of financial backers and business visionaries
  • Assemble an expert organization and long lasting local area of social business people in East and West Africa who are focused on handling unfairness

Fellowship Benefits

  • You should be a business person maintaining a business with essential tasks in one or the other Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia, the Gambia. You don’t should be a resident of these nations to apply.
  • Have an exhibited history of something like 12-year and a half, some market foothold, and are getting ready to scale.
  • Have a group identical to at least three full-time staff.
  • Have a guarantee to serving ladies across three passage focuses, and proof of activity in no less than one:
  • Market (items and administrations)
  • Interior association (labor force and arrangements)
  • Esteem chain (supply and conveyance)


  • Applications will be explored after the program cutoff time. Assuming that you are chosen for a meeting, an individual from the Acumen group will contact plan a 40-minute video call with you on the Zoom stage.

Apply Here

For more details, visit Acumen Academy.



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